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The City of Miami Commissioners, in particular Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, has told us they will not be renewing
the lease at the Coconut Grove Convention Center where Burn Notice is based.
Commissioner Marc Sarnoff has plans to build a park on the property where the Convention Center is located.
This park is linked to a private condominium that is being built across the street from our site.
He has told the other Miami Commissioners that he “is ready to go” with the demolition process.
The cost to move Burn Notice to another stage and office location will be at least 1 million dollars and
will take the final season of Burn Notice out of the city of Miami and possibly the state of Florida.
This not will not only impact the cast and crew and the 150 jobs it supplies per day, but is sending a message to
the world that Miami is not a friendly film community.
I would like each and every one of us to write to commissioner Sarnoff at – msarnoff@miamigov.com,
and let him know the impact this will place on your business revenue.

DJsforObama builds new energy for NEW DATE on 5.19.12 at TheWynwoodWalls.com Follow event updates on Twitter @DJsforObama (trending at #DJsforObama) and follow some of our participating DJs/VJs: @TheRareGrooves, @djafrica, @djentice, @djaffect, @AFlyGuy, @stryke303, @Papa_Keith, @BarrieHype, @DJ_Dorenzo, @eternalvibes, @iamdjhousearrest, @djnikostar, @DaRealMonieLove, @DJBeatMiami, @RealPedroM, @DJ_LadyB_Miami, @MsVanessaJames, @FelishaMonet, @Vice2K, @ReynaldoVice, @SonsofMystro


#DJsforObama at the Wynwood Walls

Due to impending inclement weather on the weekend, DJs for Obama Block Party will be rescheduled to May 19th. SAME VENUE. SAME VIBES. SAME MISSION. Advance tix of Gen admission $25.00 (Promo Buy 4 – get 1 FREE) and $100 VIP (incl drinks appetizers) RT #DJsforObama

On Saturday, April 21st, 2012, 2-8pm, Gen44, Florida Finance Committee and an all star cast of DJs for Obama will host a Block Party at Wynwood Walls, 2528 NW 2nd Avenue, in Wynwood , Midtown Miami in support of Obama Victory Fund 2012.

Wynwood Walls will be filled with a vibing playlist of the music and culture of Miami. The Block Party will feature some of South Florida’s leading spin masters and radio personalities in the media and entertainment industry, such as DJs Griot, Africa, Papa Keith, Stryke, Austin Cohen, Lady B, Barrie Hype, Delano of Renaissance Disco, Beat, Brimstone 127, Dorenzo, Eternal Vibes, Fly Guy, House Arrest, Selectah Infamouz of Natural Mystic Soundsation, Kauze, Maestro, Niko Star, Pablo of Hardcore Movements, Lady Terra, Selecta AJ, Trooklyn, and Peter T playing the best of R&B, pop, Latin, hip-hop, reggae, soca, konpa hits.

The Block Party will also welcome renowned MC hosts and VJs such as Monie Love, Supa Cindy, Lorenzo Ice Tea, Vanessa James, Felisha Monet, Mocha Jean, and Giselle D’ Wassi One. The energy will build with special appearances from performing artists Roberto and Reynaldo Martino of Haiti’s leading konpa music band, T-Vice, Melky Jean, sister of Wyclef Jean, and emerging reggae pop artist, Shifta of Timeless Records.

The event will present a perfect opportunity to meet new people, network, and to share how people can get more involved with the Obama 2012 campaign. Attendees will have an opportunity to sign up for volunteer opportunities, register to vote, and request absentee ballots.

Advance tickets are available at http://iOBA.MA/qb Advance tickets are $20.12 until April 16, $25.00 after April 16, and VIP $100.00, includes complimentary drinks and appetizers (hosted at Peter Tunney Gallery). The first 100 attendees will receive a complimentary Block Party bandana. Kids under 16 are FREE.

Follow updates on the Block Party on Twitter @DJsforObama #DJsforObama and on at the Facebook event page “DJs for Obama at Wynwood Walls”.

Tips to Attend 2012: The Block Party:
*Wear something casual and comfortable shoes
*Kids under 16 are FREE
*Bring friends for more fun
*Find a parking location as close to the venue as possible
* Secure your vehicle and belongings inside the vehicle; do not leave any purses or valuables exposed in the vehicle
*Come early and enjoy lunch at Wynwood Kitchen & Bar or Joey’s or other local Wynwood eateries
* Driving directions: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl

The Miami Herald in this article discusses the ongoing debate about how Resorts World Miami will affect Miami if this casino deal goes through. One topic brought up is how this will impact the city’s flourishing art scene. Ongoing rumors about Art Basel leaving Miami continue. The arts community now speaks up.

Debate: Would casinos hurt Miami's art scene? – Biscayne Corridor – MiamiHerald.com.

Good news!

PIPA and SOPA Co-Sponsors Abandon Bills.

Anthony Weiner threw away his once promising political career because he made the foolish decision to use Twitter as a platform to sext other women, which most people know its a horrible idea for that type of nonsense.  Twitter does not provide the greatest of privacy features and it’s a pretty open social media tool that you shouldn’t trust to use to be sending photos of your privates especially if you’re a public figure who also happens to be a married man.  Another mistake he made is  that Twitter is really not the best place to meet women.  I  honestly can’t recall any stories of my friends ever meeting girls off of there.  Twitter is a pretty sketchy place to look around for women.  It reminds of the AOL chatrooms of the mid-1990′s.  Facebook would’ve been a better option.  If he really wanted extra-marital relations, Ashley Madison would’ve been the perfect choice but I guess he doesn’t have good people in his staff to inform him of this kind of stuff.

Weiner now must leave DC and return to an angry pregnant wife in Queens, NY.  His professional and personal life are now a total mess just because he was clueless on how to find women off of the Internet and then making the rookie mistake of all rookie mistakes: sending lewd photos of his shaved pecs and weiner to others.  It’s just common sense to know that once you send a nude photo of yourself to another human being, it too shall be shared among their friends.

We elect people into office because we trust them to make good decisions on our behalf and to be honest with us.  Once the world took notice his Twitter accident, he lied to the public for days handled his situation poorly.  America is a sex-driven country and we forgive those who come clean right away.  We actually tend to love them for it.  Weiner became a weasel and denied it all but the real lesson in all this is it just turns out he’s lousy with handling technology and marriage.  Weiner proved that he’s pretty damn clueless and for that his once rising political career has gone limp.