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Celia Evans
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Fashion’s Night Out Rolls In To Miami A Day Early At The Marlin Live, Featuring Celebrity
Designer, Tanya Marie!

Miami, Florida

Music and fashion will shine at the Marlin Hotel Wednesday, September 5th.
Everyone knows that Fashion’s Night Out is an exhilarating but chaotic time, it’s literally the mardi gras of
fashion. It’s so great, why not get started early!

The Marlin Live is a series of exclusive private events featuring trending recording artists held at the
iconic Marlin Hotel.

They will be doing a special fashion presentation in honor of Fashion’s Night Out on September 5th, one
day early (Fashion’s Night Out is on the 6th). The Marlin’s idea was to take people out of the crowds of
Fashion’s Night Out and give them a chance to really take in the fashion. “The Fashion” in this case is
Tanya Marie Designs. Tanya Marie is a rising design star based in Miami, she has a celebrity clientele,
and a cool design aesthetic that is causing a buzz in the fashion world. The event will feature celebrity
music producer “Bigg D” who has produced hits for pop artists like Jamie Foxx, and Ludacris, sounds by
the illustrious Dj Mark Leventhal, and filming by Planet Fashion TV.

About Tanya Marie Designs: Tanya Marie designs are a truly unique work of art. With a fiercely loyal
clientele her designer boutique in Miami’s trendy Design District, features one of a kind dresses that
range from beachwear to black tie gala. She carries a full ready wear selection also including menswear,
denim and accessories. Tanya-Marie’s designs feature rich fabrics from around the globe, and are
embellished with custom jewels. Tanya had years of experience as a gifted prodigy in design and as a
celebrity stylist. http://tanyamariedesign.com/TMDesign/

About The Marlin Hotel: The Marlin is a unique boutique luxury hotel in South Beach Miami. Rated as
one of the world’s leading lifestyle hotels by Conde Naste Traveler, The Marlin was built in 1939 by famed
architect Laurence Murray Dixon. The Marlin Hotel is truly one of the premier examples of Art Deco
grandeur. The Marlin is home to the renowned South Beach Studios, a world class recording facility.

About PlanetFashionTV: Planet Fashion TV is an online news/video portal and series, beautifully shot in
HD & can be seen in 8 countries .The show targets an international & culturally astute demographic. It’s
one of the few western shows that currently air in China. PFTV is known for covering what’s trending and
covering the hottest runways shows from around the world including Gucci, Versace, Giorgio Armani,
Dior, Badgley Mischka & Mathew Williamson.
For More On Planet Fashion TV: www.planetfashiontv.com

PRESS RELEASE: Contact: Celia Evans (305) 785-2789 or celia@planetfashiontv.com

Back-to-back weekend tech events in Miami next month.

Back-to-back tech events coming in August.

The City of Miami Commissioners, in particular Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, has told us they will not be renewing
the lease at the Coconut Grove Convention Center where Burn Notice is based.
Commissioner Marc Sarnoff has plans to build a park on the property where the Convention Center is located.
This park is linked to a private condominium that is being built across the street from our site.
He has told the other Miami Commissioners that he “is ready to go” with the demolition process.
The cost to move Burn Notice to another stage and office location will be at least 1 million dollars and
will take the final season of Burn Notice out of the city of Miami and possibly the state of Florida.
This not will not only impact the cast and crew and the 150 jobs it supplies per day, but is sending a message to
the world that Miami is not a friendly film community.
I would like each and every one of us to write to commissioner Sarnoff at – msarnoff@miamigov.com,
and let him know the impact this will place on your business revenue.

Mashable’s Social Media Day Miami 2012 is this Saturday 06/30/12 from 2-6pm at the Zadok Gallery in Wynwood. It’s a fun and free event that I thought was worth sharing with you. The day’s schedule is below in case you were curious on what’s going on. Hope you can make it.



Social Media Day Miami 2012.

The new trend in Miami is a cocktail culture of proper lounges, dive bars and speakeasies. Here the venue size matters less than the quality of your nightlife experience.

Miami’s top lounges and bars | miami.com.

Hometown guy Franky Arriola to appear on reality show | miami.com.

Directing film and television is like white-water rafting. It’s high-stakes, you commit every resource, stretch yourself to the limit. For most directors, the excitement they feel about a new projects tightens into anxiety when it comes to working with actors.

This course is about establishing deep and creative collaborations with your actors, getting the most out of rehearsals, troubleshooting poor performances and giving clear, effective directions. We will discuss what constitues a good performance, what the actors want from a director, common mistakes of directors, analyzing a script together with your actors, what makes actors tick and the two most important relationships on set: actor with actor and actor with director.



Dates: June 6th to June 27th
Wednesday’s from 7pm – 10pm.
Cost: US$275.–


1. Week one: Directors Act:
Directors learn acting techniques and the understanding of the craft. They learn the four steps to rehearse and prepare any scene successfully. They will act an example scene and learn about how to motivate actors.

2. Week two: Result-oriented direction and quick fixes:
Invited actors will need to be directed. We will give each director the topic and they need to create a scene on the spot directing their actors. (Directors bring one of their own scenes, create a scene on the spot or are given a scene to direct with their actors)

3. Week three – Script Analysis and Rehearsals:
The directors pick their actors from the pool of talent at the Miami Acting Studio and work together on analyzing their short film script, will rehearse scene together on stage.

4. Week four: Rehearsals and Final Scene Performance:
The directors had time to prepare the scene in depth and now present their directing work in front of the camera. All directors will shoot and direct their scenes. We will provide camera and equipment.

Are you actors overacting? Are they NOT DOING what you tell them? How do you fix it right on the spot?
Accomplished director and acting coach Ralph Kinnard will share his 4 proven steps to Rehears with your Actors which will gurantee you a good scene.
You will learn techniques and methods that will save you under pressure and will ensure that you get the best performance out of your actors.

If you are interested and have not been in acting class before, now is the time. We invite you to attend a FREE class.
RSVP at miamiacting@gmail.com / 786.715.20.49

Miami Acting Studio

Miami Acting Studio

Planet Fashion TV Announces The Debut Of “Fashion School” produced by Istituto Marangoni.

Planet Fashion TV has made a mission out of discovering the hottest new designers globally. Now they
will be showing some emerging design students from the legendary Istituto Marangoni fashion school in
Italy . Planet Fashion TV, which can be seen internationally in 8 countries will begin broadcasting for the
first time in North America and Asia, the TV program “Fashion School” in April 2012.

“Fashion School “ will be broadcast in entirety on the Planet Fashion TV online channel. Fashion School
follows the real life development of talented students during a year at Istituto Marangoni, and the
challenges that it takes to realize their dreams of becoming fashion designers.

About Istituto Marangoni:
Founded in 1935, Istituto Marangoni is regarded as one of the most prestigious design schools in the
world. With campuses in Milan, London and Paris, the school attracts a melting pot of students from
over 90 different countries. The list of Istituto Marangoni graduates reads like a Who’s Who of fashion
and includes design stars Domenico Dolce and Franco Moschino.

About Planet FashionTV:
Planet Fashion TV is a TV Show and an online news/video portal. It’s beautifully shot in HD and targets
an international & culturally astute demographic. PFTV is known for covering brands, products and
designers that are trending and covering the hottest runways shows from around the world and luxury
lifestyle. For more on Planet FashionTV please visit: www.planetfashiontv.com
PRESS RELEASE: Contact: Celia Evans (305) 785-2789 or celia@planetfashiontv.com
Virginia Alexander, Planet Fashion TV Brand Relations Manager
Press Release Keywords: Planet Fashion TV, Istituto Marangoni, Fashion School, Milan, North America,
Asia, Fashion Design

DJsforObama builds new energy for NEW DATE on 5.19.12 at TheWynwoodWalls.com Follow event updates on Twitter @DJsforObama (trending at #DJsforObama) and follow some of our participating DJs/VJs: @TheRareGrooves, @djafrica, @djentice, @djaffect, @AFlyGuy, @stryke303, @Papa_Keith, @BarrieHype, @DJ_Dorenzo, @eternalvibes, @iamdjhousearrest, @djnikostar, @DaRealMonieLove, @DJBeatMiami, @RealPedroM, @DJ_LadyB_Miami, @MsVanessaJames, @FelishaMonet, @Vice2K, @ReynaldoVice, @SonsofMystro


#DJsforObama at the Wynwood Walls

My friend Danielle is hosting this event on WEDNESDAY! It is to raise money/awareness to blinding diseases like the one her sister has; Retinitis Pigmentosa which currently has no cure and ends in complete blindness.

Please invite your friends, coworkers or anyone you know that would want to help the cause! Thank you and hope to see you there!!

Lets find the cure by 2020!!!

Early registration ends tomorrow (04/24/12) so buy your Tickets ASAP!